Aerobic Training for Sports

Aerobic training for sports, why it is important? Why should you be paying attention to your aerobic training for sports?

Aerobic Fitness is the slow work that all athletes tend to avoid. They avoid the work because it feels like it isn’t doing anything. This work isn’t immediately rewarding. There isn’t a “high” after training for 30-45 minutes. The work isn’t done at a breakneck pace and you aren’t laying down afterwards in a puddle of your own sweat.

The work done on the aerobic system isn’t the work you typically see in movies, social media, and youtube..   Again, it is just the boring work that doesn’t have a great immediate result. However, this work yields great results over time.

Why would I want to spend valuable time working on my Aerobic Training for Sports? 

An athletes time is valuable, we get it. We want to maximize return on your time. We promise that time spent on aerobic training for sports yields great results. These aerobic training sessions require 30-90 minutes. At OC sports Performance we complete them 1-2x a week.

The big three in scientific type terms. 

First, aerobic training will help increase the functional capacity of the heart itself. The heart will deliver more oxygen to the working muscles and supporting tissue. The left ventricle of the hearth will increase in size and thus hold more blood.  

Second, aerobic training will build a bigger vascular network to deliver more blood and oxygen throughout the body. This means more blood, more capillaries, and more is better in this case.  Think about using bigger hoses and tubes to deliver more blood and oxygen. 

Finally, you are teaching your body to better utilize the oxygen and be more efficient. This is improving how your cells are working.  

How would an athlete train to develop the Aerobic system for Sports?  

In sports performance we utilize the sled a ton. Quite simply, we walk with a sled. The sled has weight on it and we over-stride. The sled is a great dual purpose tool, while we are building the aerobic system we are also getting tons of low impact volume in the hamstrings, low back and calves.

Another option we utilize is building circuits where we rotate from the sled to an assault bike, to a concept 2 ski erg. These circuits are great as they teach the body to continue to work while changing the stimulus. Another benefit to the circuit is that the muscles getting used are spread over the entire body which has great benefits for sports that utilize both upper and lower body actions. Most sports.  

Single modality, or a singular movement can be utilized to train the aerobic system. This is using the Concept 2 bike or the assault bike and just doing work for 30-45 minutes at a conversational pace. Conversational pace is you can have a conversation and continue to move.  Or continue to move without having to think about what you are doing. 

At home walking uphill at a brisk pace usually works, or even jogging at a slower type pace. As well as a regular bicycle or other home exercise equipment.  

Is putting work in the aerobic system worthwhile?

Quite simply, yes! Aerobic system development stays the longest. Or in other words, development of the system will impact the body the longest. Development of the aerobic system will yield great results in all sports. Sports that have 5 seconds or more of action and that action repeats all depend on the aerobic system. Some examples of these sports are soccer, basketball, and even football.  

The best time to implement lots of aerobic system work is out of season. The further you are away from the start of your season specifically. The work on the aerobic system when coupled with strength training will lead to a more durable and less fatigued athlete.  

The aerobic system for aesthetics

The aerobic system does great work to help you get in shape and stay in shape. These types of workouts induce a lower level of fatigue and stress than intervals and in turn keep cortisol levels lower.  

Due to the lower levels of fatigue and stress an athlete can spend more time working on strength which in turn is a positive for those who want positive aesthetic changes.  

In conclusion, athletes don’t neglect your aerobic system as it can be a secret weapon to developing a greater level of conditioning. Don’t fall into the trap of believing no pain no gain or any of the other cliche’s when it comes to training.

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