Olivia Armstrong – OC Sports Performance Testimonial – BMX

Olivia Armstrong – Bend High School – Marian University

*images courtesy of Olivia Armstrong

What Olivia has to say about the OC Sports Performance Program:

“I have been training at OC for 2 years now and been taking part in the High school/College sports performance class. This class is perfect for anyone trying to better themselves in any sport.

The coach, Sean Wells, is very knowledgeable in almost every sport. If he is not, he will do what it takes to learn the sport and make you better. This class was intended to help with both Volleyball and BMX. I however, mainly focused on BMX.

I participate in this class 4-5 days a week. A big thing that I really enjoyed was how structured the class was. Each day you know what part of your body you will be working, but it was never repetitive. There is a lot of variation in the way that Sean coaches. “If the training isn’t getting harder, you won’t get better”, this is the mindset that he coaches; and trust me you will feel it!

Within my sport you mostly need strength and explosiveness.

To work on my strength, there are the basic lifts with added variations with bands and chains. For the explosive/dynamic effort, we worked on box jumps and some banded fast lifts. In this class it was easy for me to see the direct correlation between what I was doing in the gym and how it would help me on the bike.

Sean is also very mindful about when I have a competition, helping me to see what the right ways are to prepare my body for the competition. Another aspect that I feel has helped me in my athletics is the precautionary work he does with us in injury prevention.

By training your body a certain way, there is less likely chance for injury.

Overall, I am very happy with this program. Sean has done a phenomenal job at helping me prepare and compete at an elite level.

Here is a video Olivia made of a training day at OC Sports Performance.

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