Weekly Meal Prepping For Success

Weekly Meal Prepping is the number one strategy we implement with our nutrition clients. We all dream of healthy, delicious meals readily available throughout the week. But between busy schedules and dwindling willpower, healthy eating can fall by the wayside. Meal prepping – is one of the best strategies for reaching your goals & conquering the week with convenient, nutritious meals. 

By Sarah Rogue

Here’s how to make your weekly meal prep a success…

Planning: The key to successful meal prep is a plan. Take note of your goals, needs, and preferences. Browse recipe websites or cookbooks and choose meals that are not only delicious but also reheat well. Remember, variety is key to keeping things interesting.

Prep Day: Dedicate a specific day, like Sunday(or your day off), to shop & prep your meals. This approach helps streamline the process and prevents last-minute scrambling during the week. Invest in some quality reusable containers – portioning out ingredients &/or meals beforehand makes grabbing lunch a breeze.

Batch Cooking: Maximize your efficiency by batch cooking certain elements. For instance, bake a large amount of chicken, roast a large pan of vegetables or cook a big pot of rice to be used in various meals throughout the week. This saves time and ensures you always have healthy staples on hand.

Weekly Meal Prepping Strategies:

  • Proteins: Cook large batches of chicken, salmon, &/or ground beef/turkey. Portion them out into containers to use for salads, stir-fries, rice bowls or wraps.
  • Grains: Cook a pot of jasmine rice or quinoa. These make excellent bases for bowls, salads, and side dishes.
  • Vegetables: Wash, chop, and roast a variety of vegetables. Pre-chopped veggies are perfect for quick stir-fries, omelets, or adding to salads… and snacking!
  • Fruits: Wash and chop fruits like berries, apples, or melons to have readily available for snacks or breakfast parfaits.

Flavor: Prepping doesn’t have to mean bland meals. Marinate proteins beforehand, use flavorful dressings(with good ingredients), and prepare simple sauces to add variety throughout the week. Utilize herbs and spices to keep things healthy & interesting.

Leftovers: Let’s face it, eating the same meal every day can get boring. Get creative with leftovers! Leftover roasted chicken can be transformed into a salad with chopped vegetables or used in a chicken stir-fry. Leftover quinoa can be enjoyed cold in a salad or reheated as a side dish.

Convenience: Having healthy, prepped meals readily available reduces making unhealthy choices. Pack your lunch the night before, assemble a quick dinner with your prepped ingredients, or enjoy a pre-portioned breakfast in a hurry.

Clean as You Go: Washing dishes as you prep helps minimize post-prep cleanup. This makes the process less overwhelming and allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of a clean kitchen after your prepping session.

Be Flexible: Life happens. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your plan if needed. Maybe you get invited out to lunch or dinner or your work/sport schedules unexpectedly change. Leftovers can be frozen for another week, or order a healthy takeout option if necessary.


Meal prepping allows you to take control of your personal health and well-being. By planning, prepping, and getting creative, you can conquer the week with delicious, nutritious meals that fuel your busy life. So, grab your grocery list, put on some music, and get prepping! You’ll be glad you did.

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