Younger Next Year

Younger Next Year

By Sean Wells

The first real longer term personal training client(I will write a blog post about him – great success story) I ever had, suggested I read this book(Younger Next Year) – he had read it and wanted to be able to discuss the principles with me.

I picked up the book and read it – and was blown away by the simple changes a person can make with being diligent with their exercise health and nutrition. Although I had been in business for several years I hadn’t really worked with a lot of people older than 40 years old for personal training – the book motivated me a great deal to start working with “older” clients.

After reading and rereading the book I think there are three points in your life when the book makes the most sense to read. I will discuss all three briefly below.
The first time you should read this book is at the end of your “high activity period”(best guess age wise is 17-25).

This is the period I would describe as when you are no longer participating in an organized sport or you are no longer playing for “fun”. Typically, this is the high school athlete that doesn’t play in college or the college athlete after college graduation or the high schooler that doesn’t make the varsity team their senior year. Why I suggest reading this book then is because it is at this point a lot of people don’t have a goal in regards to training. They don’t have something to look forward to and they resign themselves to the fact that their “athletic” days are over. Which is far from the truth.

The second time you should read this book is about the time when you start looking around wondering how you got “so old” or got “so weak”.

 Any of those negative thoughts that people have after prioritizing family, work, etc for the previous 10-20 years(Age wise – 40-55). This time period I hear described as the “mid-life crisis” time. The book can provide you reference on taking back control of your physical health and well being. Also it helps give you some ideas of what you should be doing to stay social and involved.

The third time a person should read this book is when you have an abundance of time on your hands.

As you get closer to retirement or are getting close(65+). The reason the book works to read multiple times is that every time you read it – it has a different effect. For those reading it in this category it hopefully motivates them to continue to move physically, to continue to use their minds so that they stay sharp and to understand that you can be active up until the day you die.

If you read it once and can make small changes it is worth your time and in each of the three categories, you can see some benefit and then enact some changes into your life for the positive.

Ultimately, your never too old to start physical training, you are never too old to learn new things. All you have to do is be willing to try and make the small changes to put yourself on a path of success.

The book can picked up at Deschutes Public Library here or you can order it from Amazon here.

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