CrossFit Open is Over – Recap –

The 2019 CrossFit Open is completed(yes I know I am tardy in publishing this)

Despite a tough hand being dealt to members of OG(more on this below) – we came in and finished strong.

The final workout of the CrossFit Open, every year since the inception, has involved Thrusters. While, I was planning the programming for the first block of the year.(January, February and March). – I(Sean) made the mistake of thinking the Open would be over and programmed “Strict Fran” for the Thursday workout. This was a mistake! Those who came in anyway and tackled the workout and did more Thrusters and pull ups – you are tough and I am proud of you!

The final workout for those who didn’t participate or who started Spring Break early – or otherwise just missed it:

33-27-21-15-9 Thrusters and Chest 2 bar pull ups( We didn’t see a ton of people finish but those that did definitely earned it! Also we did see our first Chest to bar pull ups which is always awesome progress and saw two people get their first kipping pull up! I sound like a broken record but the CrossFit Open does a great job of pushing people just outside of their comfort zone and into trying something the person doesn’t think they can do.

The scoring breakdown is located here 

Looks like my team(Sean) got Pat’s team by a few points 186 to 180. Scoring was again done by those who completed the workout. those who judged someone else and those who participated in the theme of the week.

This is the first time we have divided the box up on teams and tried to make the Open more fun(every previous year the goal was to get someone to Regionals or get a team to Regionals or both) The first time you do something is always the hardest(or at least it should be and then you learn and improve) and we will improve on the process.

Did you like this set up? Would you just prefer we didn’t do the Open?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Feedback is appreciated. Email me – The CrossFit Open will run again in October(supposedly) so we have some time to make the changes suggested.

The next thing we have planned is the CrossFit Total event on Saturday April 13th 2019!

We will show up go over the rules and complete the work. After, working up to a heaviest lift of a back squat, press and deadlift. If you saw the CrossFit Games 2018 you may have seen the event– You may read about the CrossFit Total. The total is great way to get a PR(personal record) in one or two or even all three lifts and its fun!

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