Ben Hamilton testimonial

Ben Hamilton has seen great success training at OG. Check out what Ben has to say below.

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit and OG(OC) have been much more to me than just an exercise program and building physical strength. 

The training has really opened my eyes to my own mental capabilities as well. The training has helped me manage my daily stress and pushed me in life outside of OC. Hitting the OC floor for an hour a day can really teach you something about self discipline.

Before CrossFit?

Before CrossFit I was really out of shape, undisciplined and had a few poorly treated injuries. My right knee hurt everyday after having ACL surgery in 2009 and I could barely hang from a pull up bar without dislocating my right shoulder from a torn rotator cuff in 2012 that never had surgery. None of those past injuries bother me now!

How Does CrossFit Help You Now?

The gym has helped me be better at my daily tasks on a job site and at home, tackling difficult challenges and thrive through uncomfortable positions.

OC has really helped me personally, being able to come in into OC and tackle a new challenge daily has really changed my life.

About Ben

Ben Hamilton owns and operates a construction & design company called Mokko Woodcraft here in Bend Oregon – that’s designs are inspired by nature & adventure – you can find his website & check out his portfolio here.

If you are in need of an outdoor oasis or home improvements do not hesitate to contact Ben. Ben’s work is awesome and a lot of past and present members of OC have utilized Ben’s skills.

Thank you for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit, Personal Training and Sports Performance gym in Bend, Oregon.

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