Best of the West 2017 – OC Bend, Oregon

Best of the West 2017 Winter Event Update:

After a long search for a venue, we are disappointed to report that we haven’t been able to find a venue. We feel confident would allow us to host a high quality event.

The last two years we used a venue that would work, but was rather limiting and caused us to make concessions in order to make the events happen.

While we felt we could have made that venue work again, it wasn’t going to allow us to put on the event we wanted. Others may say the Redmond Fairgrounds, but their tight rules and extreme costs wouldn’t have made that feasible either. Bend is booming again and there isn’t much vacancy at the moment. Which makes it even harder to find a big, empty facility for a large scale event.

Pair that with day to day gym operation and the increasing number of events on/near the exact dates we had targeted in January (CFV Invitational, Everyday Warrior War Games, Wodapalooza, amongst many others), and we have decided that there will not be a Best of the West Winter Event for 2017.

Instead, we will turn our focus to the Best of the West Summer Games 2017. We have some new coaches at OC and we are excited to have them involved in the planning process as well.

*For anyone that had a free entry for the Best of the West Winter Games 2017, we will honor that for the Best of the West Summer Games 2017.

Let us know if any questions. We have exhausted all possibilities and encourage you to participate in other events across the state. (There are lots, Medford, Beaverton, Salem, Portland area) in the upcoming months to help you prepare for the Open. We hope to see you all in August for the Best of the West 2017 Summer Games. Once we have a date set, we will post more information.

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