Best of the West Help – 2019 – OC Bend, Oregon

Help at the Final Event Best of the West 2019

This year will be the final Best of the West 2019, we have been successfully running one of the most popular events in the Pacific Northwest for close to 10 years. The event is a huge undertaking and we depend on lots and lots of volunteers to make it happen.
What we need:
Friday: As soon as the 12-1pm OC GP classes finishes we will be loading up all equipment necessary to host the event and hauling it to Summit High School – any help here is appreciated as the sooner we get to Summit the faster the whole set up goes. Soon after 1 pm we will be at Summit High School setting up for the event. What we will be doing is setting up mats, barbells, etc as well as building the pull up rig. The rig is a massive undertaking as it is 8 feet wide by 96 feet long. We hope to be done by 5pm on Friday afternoon with the set up.
Saturday: We will need judges(those who are confident in saying no and upholding the standards of the movements) and we need volunteers. Judges and volunteers make the event go, we depend on all of you to make this thing happen. The schedule will be 7:30am to 5:30pm most likely.
Sunday: We will need both judges and volunteers at 7:30am but hope to be done at Summit High School at the field by 2-3pm. After the event is wrapped up we load everything up and return it to OC to ensure the gym is ready to go on Monday morning.
If you would like to sign up to volunteer or judge: We can use the help for any of the three days. *Please note the form only has options for Saturday and Sunday but we will use the help on Friday as well.
What we will provide:
Food – we will have food delivered by Life and Time on Saturday morning and Saturday midday as well as Sunday. There will be snacks.
Water –
T-Shirt –
Our heartfelt thanks and the best seat you can get for the event. Also the promise that this is the last event at Summit High School. : )

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