Build a Foundation for Success

The foundation of a house has to be solid or the entire house is at risk of crumbling. We are going to explain how building a foundation of physical fitness will help your life!

First what do you want?

When starting a physical fitness program, you need a solid foundation and plan. At OC we start everyone out with a sit-down conversation. We do this because we want to understand what your personal goals are and see how we can help you.  

To help we must first understand

To help people is ultimately the reason OC exists, to help people get stronger, healthier and happier. Those three pieces are the foundation to your success in life – personally & professionally. You must get yourself and your foundation secured before you can start building on additions to the house.

Next Step

After the conversation about starting we share the best path for your success in our professional opinion. OC has been operating in Bend, Oregon since May 2009. That is 13+ years. During that time we have seen those who are most successful – trust us as professionals to help them achieve their goals.  


Occasionally, after the initial meeting we realize that OC isn’t the best place for the person to see success and build their foundation. At this point we recommend the business or gym or path that in our professional opinion would provide success to the person. Again our goal is to HELP FIRST. To help first, sometimes we aren’t the best fit. That is okay. 

Nutrition first ?

Sometimes after the conversation we recommend nutrition coaching instead of exercise. Other times we recommend personal training and group classes or just personal training. We make these recommendations based on the information we gathered in initial conversation on how we can help you best.  We base our recommendations on our past successes over the past 13 years in business.

Know someone that needs help?

If you know someone who is looking to build a foundation of physical fitness, wants to be stronger, healthier and happier please have them book an Introduction session today! 

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