Caldera Soccer Team Training

Caldera Soccer Team Training. OC Sports Performance trained Caldera Women’s soccer both during the summer months and  continued  through their season.

Caldera’s women’s soccer team.
A little background Caldera’s Women’s soccer team:
  • They had no Seniors as the high school just started last year(2021). 
  • The training was 2x a week during the off season and 3x a week in season 
  • We had 36 players train during the “in season portion”  100% of the varsity team + some JV players that were able to make it occasionally.  
About the Caldera Soccer Team Training: 
  • In season training was both upper and lower body each training session 
  • The athletes performed walking sled drags almost every  day weather permitting 
  • We measured and logged their verticals from the start of summer training to the end of training in November. The athletes jumped 3x a week. 
  • We saw a 100% decrease in 40 yard dash times (timed at start of season – and compared to 2021 times) – timing was done with a complete laser system
  • 2 athletes were timed in the 5.1’s for the 40 which is an elite 40 yard dash for a women. 
  • 9 of the athletes were laser timed at 5.4’s or below.  
  • The athletes only did specific soccer conditioning 4x all season here in the gym.
Caldera Soccer Team Training at OC Sports Performance.
These are the results:

The most important result ever for training – no injuries that required surgery.  Even better, no injuries that caused a player to miss more than 1 game.  Stronger players don’t get hurt at the rate of their peers that do not strength train. In season training helps keep the progress made in the pre-season.  

18 of the 36 athletes ended up with a standing bodyweight vertical above 20”.  For reference here is a breakdown of vertical jumps for Division 1 Women athletes.   

  • 15-17” – average 
  • 18-19” – above average 
  • 20-21” – good 
  • 22-24” – very good 
  • 25-27” – excellent 
  • 28-29” – elite 
  • 30+” – super elite 

Caldera Women ended with 3 women in the 24”+ category or almost excellent vertical when compared to Division 1 Women athletes.  

Soccer Results: 

OSAA Team of the Month for September 2022

Final record was 13-2-2. 

Caldera High School was ranked #1 in state heading into the playoffs.  

The ladies lost in the quarterfinals to Crescent Valley.  Crescent Valley ended up losing in the state Championship game.  


8 players named to the All League teams.  

3 on the 1st team 

3 on the 2nd team 

2 on the honorable mention team 

-All State 

2 players named all State.   

Caldera Team Training

Overall, we spent some time highlighting the teams jump successes, but all of the athletes got stronger, ended up running faster and jumped higher than before the training started. The team sustained no serious injuries. We look forward to working with the team next year!

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