Capacity Performance Therapy

By: Nick Hagen

Hey OC members, my name is Nick Hagen, I am the director of Capacity Performance Therapy.

Capacity Performance Therapy is a wellness and physical therapy company that is moving into OC starting in October.  We are super excited to collaborate with the OC staff and hope to add even more value to your training and fitness.  Here is a link to my bio if interested on my background Nick Bio.

Our model is a blend between rehabilitation and performance

We will help you manage pain but ideally help you, along with OG, to stay pain free and healthy.  Our goal is to create a community that is proactive on health vs reactive to injury/illness. We offer services including high level manual therapy, dry needling, neuromuscular re-education, athlete performance screens, return to play assessments, and general movement screens.  We strive to go beyond normal physical therapy, address your body as a whole.  

For OC members we are offering free discovery sessions

 These are 30 minute sessions where you can sit down one on one with a doctor of physical therapy to review any current complaints and learn about what is driving any dysfunctions and pain in your body.  These are free of charge and a great way to obtain an understanding of your movement health.

  We can create a program specific to your needs to improve your movement efficiency.  If interested in any of these services please email us at or give a call or text to 541-224-7485.

We are super excited to be part of the OC Family. 

To start we will be open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Feel free to stick your head and say hello anytime.  I will also be around and working out in the group classes. Don’t be afraid to say hi and ask any questions.

Nicholas Hagen is a licensed physical therapist since 2009, Nick is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified sports clinical specialist. Capacity Performance Therapy clinic is housed inside of OC – home of OC and OC Sports Performance. Check out Capacity PT online.

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