Coach Brant

Coach Brant is retiring.  In the fitness industry 12 years is an eternity.  

Coach Brant
Waking up

Imagine waking up at 4:45am and coaching the 5:30am for about 10+ years, and having enough energy to get everyone awake and moving.  That is what a good coach does and that is what Brant has done for the past 10 years.  

OC Community

Brant has been part of OC and the OC community since March 29th 2010.  We have been lucky to have Brant be a coach here since 2012.  During that time Brant has coached 4000+ hours of GP classes, and close to a 1000 hours of personal training.  WOW!

Coach Brant was on numerous CrossFit Regionals teams, and was a big part of the CrossFit competition crew we had at OC between 2012 -2020.  But an even bigger part of his contributions to the gym was his ability to help people feel comfortable training, building strength and reaching their goals. 


Personally, Brant has helped me(Sean) learn some bartending when we both worked at 10 Barrel, he is great at it – me not as much.  He has helped me with hundreds of projects around the gym including 3 gym moves!   Brant has been a willing participant in my coaching experiments – trying different things out, experimenting with different training techniques etc.  But probably most importantly he has been a great friend to me. Someone I could always talk to and would help me sort things outs.

Members and Drops Ins

If you have ever dropped into OC and thousands of people have, you probably had Coach Brant.  I can’t count how many times people from out of town have remarked about how lucky we are to have a coach like Brant.  The members who have moved away from Bend, never fail to mention missing our coaches but specifically mention Brant by name.  We have been extraordinarily lucky to have Brant for so many years.  

Movie Quote

I am a big movie fan and this quote describes Brant pretty well in my mind: 

“Cheerful in all weathers. Never shirked a task. Splendid behavior.” – from the movie Lonesome Dove.  

Final Coaching Day

Brant’s last day coaching will be Thursday, December 29th 2022 at 5:30am we encourage everyone to come and take the class or just stop by to say hi to Brant.  

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