Complement to life

Training should be a complement to life.  The training should add value to your life by keeping you stronger, healthier and Happier! If you think of training being a complement to life it changes your perspective of what you are doing here.

How we train here at OC is meant to be complimentary to your life. Plain and simple that is goal!

What does this mean you may ask?  

I was listening to a member discuss how much he is enjoying training at OG, specifically he mentioned how he can train here and still go out and mountain bike, or hike or do all the things that Central Oregon and Bend, Oregon have to offer.  

On the inside, while the member was telling me this, I was smiling! This is the point of training – it should be a compliment to life.  

At OC we want you to get you stronger. Teach you about consistency and hard work, and these disciplines will provide great results for the rest of your life. These results will resonate in both your physical and mental health.  

Training like a professional athlete, while not being a professional athlete, is a surefire way to risk injuries, experience burnt out and elevate your stress.  While we can watch the CrossFit Games or other professionals train at a high level we have to take a step back and realize a few things. Those athletes for example in the CrossFit Games are training 6x a week. Their sole focus is producing results. Day in and day out. This probably doesn’t sound much like your life. And that is okay!

The way we program here at OC is to ensure the training is a compliment to your life.  Get stronger, be healthier and be happier! When we achieve these things we are also helping you lose body fat, and be more athletic.

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