Exercise Myths & Truths

Exercise Myths. And even more important the Truths!

Here are some of the most heard exercise myths and truths that we at OG.

Myth: You can target body fat reduction in “problem areas”.

Truth: You cannot reduce fat in specific areas of your body by doing targeted exercises.  Unfortunately you cannot target those love handles, thigh gap or 6 pack abs. Fat loss occurs uniformly throughout your entire body. Fat loss is established by finding the right balance between energy expenditure(movement & exercise) & caloric intake(nutrition). OC blog about this Targeted Fat Loss

Myth: More sweat means more fat loss.

Truth: The amount you sweat is not a good indicator of an effective workout & does not mean you arre “burning fat”. Sweat is purely your body’s response to temperature – you can sweat the same amount doing an hour-long cardio class as you can by sitting on your back deck in the sun. On the contrary you might not sweat during a long workout or run because it’s cold – that again is your body’s natural response to keep you regulated. Bottom line is that you don’t necessarily need to sweat to make gains. Here is the OC blog discussing: Bad Habits.

Myth: Cardio is the best & only way to lose weight.

Truth: Strength training can be just as or even more effective than cardio (especially as we age). Building muscle through strength training can help maintain & build muscle mass, which can increase your metabolic rate. When your metabolism increases you have more energy for your workouts & more flexibility with your diet. An added benefit to strength training vs cardio is the reduction in stress associated with exercise… cardio at an elevated heart rate for extended periods of time adds additional stress & strain to the body that strength training does not. OC Blog: Cardio vs Strength training for Fat Loss

Myth: The more exercise, the better.

Truth: Exercise is really good for you… However, more is not better & can have negative effects on your health if you overtrain. Overtraining can lead to injury, illness, stress & can lose its effectiveness. It’s important to find a program & coaches that encourage a healthy balance that works for your body & your lifestyle. You should always leave a session feeling like you have a little bit left in the tank… and are able to come back tomorrow refreshed and ready to go! OC Blog: More is not better!

Myth: No pain, no gain.

Truth: Pain & muscle soreness (just like sweat) is not a good indicator of an effective workout. When starting a new fitness program you may be sore – especially if you’re going from doing nothing to something. Soreness will also happen from time to time after being away for awhile on vacation or doing movements you haven’t done in awhile. However, you may get to the point where you are no longer sore after workouts & may wonder if your workouts are even effective… we promise they are. As you get fitter, you will experience less soreness. If you’re really sore all the time we need to take a look at your time outside of the gym: rest, hydration & nutrition. A good coach will provide you with the right stimulus for your workouts to ensure you are getting a safe & effective workout. OC Blog: Sore

These are some of the most heard exercise myths here at OG. Want to get results? Book A Free Consult today!

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