How to get the fastest results?

When a new client walks in the doors at OC for their introductory consultation; we chat, ask them about their goals, what they are hoping to achieve, and the time frame they’d like to achieve these goals.  These conversations are important for us to really understand what the client needs/wants.  Also, this is a great opportunity to talk to the new client about their greatest opportunity for the fastest results; NUTRITION.  

What!?!?!? What do you mean… Why is nutrition being talked about at the gym?

While fitness is an important part of a healthy routine – we know that good nutrition is the key to accelerating progress & achieving the fastest results.  Once we bring this up with a new client though there is some initial push back, they tell us about “how well they eat”, or my nutrition is “good”.  

Recently, I did a nutrition consultation with a Sports Performance athlete that was telling me they “eat healthy” and that they didn’t need help with nutrition.

Before a nutrition consultation we always recommend anyone looking to make some changes log their food for seven days. This allows us to get an accurate picture of what they are doing.  I will admit that they were eating healthy.  However, while this athlete was eating healthy we discovered they were chronically underfed.  Their “healthy” eating was in fact no where near the amount of food necessary for someone that is training several hours a day to prepare for college athletics.

You want the faster results in the gym?  Then fix your nutrition first.

What needs to be fixed in regards to nutrition?  Well, you could be “eating pretty healthy” resulting in under-eating like the previously mentioned example or the opposite, you could be consuming too much. Many overestimate their activity level & underestimate their caloric intake. Excess calorie culprits include; dressings, sauces or unhealthy fats, eating out too much, stress snacking, &/or consuming sugary drinks that pack the pounds on you.

There are many variables in regards to nutrition and achieving the fastest results. Here are some simple things you can do to put you on the correct path. 

  1. Do not drink your calories – avoid all sugary drinks.  Avoid all drinks that have real &/or fake sugar in them. This includes sport drinks.
  2. Track your food for a period of time 5-7 days minimum. As soon as you are responsible for logging your food, you might think twice before having a soda pop or another cookie, etc. 
  3. Drink more water, for all age groups consuming more water will help stay hydrated but will also ensure you are not mistaking thirst for hunger.

Need help with your nutrition?  Feel lost with the millions of fad diets?  Need someone to help you stay accountable and make progress with your nutrition?

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