Fat Loss Program and Lifting weights

Fat loss – probably the biggest and most requested reason for joining OC.  “I want to lose some fat. Can you help?”
The answer is, YES!  We can help you lose fat, the best way to lose fat is by training with weights.  

Weight training is one of the key elements of any successful fat loss program.  The weight training will help you stronger, will help increase your metabolic rate so that you burn calories more efficiently, and finally, increases the level of enzymes involved with fat burning. 

Lifting weights will not make you bulky

Lifting weights won’t make you gain a bunch of weight, and has no negative effects in a fat loss program that is accompanied by proper nutrition. If you believe differently please research the subject and report back.  

Nutrition is the key to a fat loss program, but second on the list is lifting weights.

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What other helpful aspects does lifting weights provide in a great fat loss program?

Besides those listed above, being stronger, having a better metabolic rate and increasing the level of enzymes in your body burning fat, lifting weights will also help increase your bone density.  The bone density increases help you immediately but also help you as you age as well. Want to lower the chances of osteoporosis, and other bone related issues as you age? Lift weights.  

Lifting weights will help to deliver that often discussed “lean appearance”, which is a description reflecting lowered body fat and increased musculature. Without muscle, which is supported by lifting weights, that “lean” becomes “skinny”, which is a much less healthy and less sustainable outcome. 

Lifting weights helps keep skin tight and slows the aging process. One of the most commonly searched terms for women is how to keep your glutes from sagging. The best way is to lift weights and build muscle so that the glutes don’t sag.  

Lifting weights in both genders also does a great deal of help to your self confidence and your capabilities. Nothing is more empowering than being able to deadlift your body weight or 2x your bodyweight. These achievements happen at OC weekly usually on Mondays when we lift max effort lower body day. 

Finally, lifting weights is fun!  Learning how to move your body by lifting weights will help your running, help your aesthetics, and keep you younger and healthier.  

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