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You want to get healthy?  Do you want to fix your nutrition?  Please continue reading and we will give you some tips on getting healthy.

Most Americans aren’t making wise choices when it comes to nutrition.  This leads to being overweight and increasing risks of heart disease and diabetes.  Both heart disease and diabetes can be resolved with changes in habits when it comes to food choices.  

Fix your Nutrition – 5 steps

Step One—

Consume your goal body weight in grams of protein daily.  At every meal, you should be consuming protein.  

What do you mean goal weight in grams of protein?  If you weigh 200 pounds but want to weigh 180 pounds then you should be consuming 180 grams of protein each day.  If you break that up between three meals it is 60g of protein each meal.  

How should you start?  If you aren’t currently consuming anywhere close to that in protein, start by eating protein at every meal.  

After you accomplish eating protein every meal add 10 grams of protein at each meal for two weeks.  Continue stair stepping your protein content until you hit your goal. 

Step Two— 

The next step to fixing your nutrition is to quit drinking calories.  Diet soda is trash and bad for you.  Don’t drink soda 0 calories or not.  

Those Starbucks drinks with artificial sweeteners in them aren’t doing you any favors.  Quit sabotaging yourself with the consumption of empty calories.  

Even 100% fruit juice isn’t as healthy as you might think. It takes about three apples to make an average size glass of apple juice. When was the last time you sat down and ate three apples in one serving. On top of that, because you lose out on all the fiber you get a big dose of sugar. You’re getting three apples worth of sugar dumped into your bloodstream.

Water, black coffee, non sweatened tea, are all your friends.  

This change, when implemented for 6 weeks, will change your body composition. 

Step Three— 

Sleep more.  I know this is a blog about fixing your nutrition but if you are chronically sleeping less than 7 hours a night you are always going to struggle with snacking, and not having the body composition you are happy with.  

Sleep is tied to your mental health and physical health.  The urge to snack goes away when you start sleeping more and managing your sleep health. 

Step Four–

Drink more water.  Get your bodyweight in ounces every day or at least ¾ of your body weight in ounces.  This helps you significantly with step 2 and not drinking empty calories.  

I like supplementing my water consumption with LMNT packets of salt – so that my water is flavored and dump one packet in with 64 ounces of water.  Makes the water taste better and you won’t have to go to the bathroom as much.  

Step Five— 

If you mess up.  Only mess up with one meal.  Don’t let your mistakes compound.  One meal either good or bad isn’t going to make or break you.  Just don’t let mistakes compound.  You want a date night where you have some wine and some chocolate cake? Do it.  But for breakfast the next morning you need to back to prioritizing consumption of protein and not drinking empty calories.  

You have one life to live and for most people being good 80-90% of the time will give you a great balance between being healthy and still feel like you are getting treats that you enjoy.  

Fixing your nutrition isn’t easy unless you start.  This 5 step process can be followed by anyone.  This process will give you great results if followed but start today!  Don’t wait. Fix your nutrition today! Need help? Book a Free Introduction session today!

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