Healthy Eating While Traveling

Healthy eating while traveling can seem daunting. Check out these helpful tips and tricks.

By Emily Rutherford

Healthy Eating while traveling

In less than 24 hours my family will be headed out on our first vacation since we added my son to the mix. Traveling with a toddler is hard enough, but eating healthy while we’re away is very important to me and my family, so that challenge is even more on my mind than the 6 hour flight.

Vacation mode

But….I also just spent the last five minutes scouting what monthly ice cream flavors they currently have at Salt & Straw. You know. For before the flight. 

What’s the secret?

How will I keep my family healthy while we’re out of town for over a week AND eat ice cream? Below are my favorite eating healthy while traveling tips.

But first!

 My tips all have something in common, balance. Balance in your habits should always be your overall focus. That is what keeps us sane and happy. With that in mind, let’s dive in.

The list
  • Start every day while on vacation with a healthy breakfast. Not only does this make you feel your best and energize you for a day of fun, it also helps ensure that you have your health goals in mind throughout the rest of the day.
  • Stick to drinking water as much as possible. Liquid calories, especially when we’re on vacation and may be sipping alcohol more frequently, add up quickly. So do your best to have water as your main beverage. Even better, add a glass of water in between each cocktail, glass of wine, beer, etc.
  • Splurge once a day—You are on vacation after all! Or maybe you’re traveling for work, but part of the fun of traveling is getting to try new and exciting foods. For me, that’s that Salt & Straw ice cream I mentioned. That day I will have a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, and most likely a healthy dinner too. Then I’ll top that day off with a large scoop! That will be my balance for the day. 
  • Lastly, and not nutrition related, move! Many of us underestimate how valuable walking can be for health goals, including fat loss. Even if you’re on the type of trip where you’re spending most of your time in a lounge chair, don’t forget your balance. Take even a little time to get out and explore your surroundings. 

With all things in life, balance is key. Healthy eating while traveling can be done. Follow these tips and tricks so that you can vacation stress free!

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