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Joelle & her husband Ryan “make time” everyday after work to hit the OC gym… their consistency is inspiring!
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1. I have been doing CrossFit since about 2013, I think. It’s hard to remember because it feels like I have been doing CrossFit forever. Then in 2015 my husband and I sold our house and just about everything inside the house and moved to Bend, OR. Then came the task of finding a gym. It was a very hard, thought out process of looking at gyms, but first and foremost looking at the programming they have to offer. Not all gyms offer the same vibe and program. I had done a drop in at OC in 2014/2015 before we moved and really loved the gym. Sean had a lot to talk about in terms of lifting and training. I could tell he really loved the sport and was proud of his gym. I told him my concerns, with the biggest one being I just had shoulder surgery and could hardly even hang from a bar. I was completely terrified of even starting CrossFit again to be honest. He assured me I would be pushed but within my limits and they would modify anything and get me moving well again. So a credit card was swiped and I joined OC.
2. Thus far my biggest and most proud accomplishment is gaining the strength to do muscle ups. This required 2 things. First and foremost my eating had to change and second strength building had to begin. It was insane how my body changed and how I look today. All from just changing how I ate. I don’t even feel like the same person. It’s a lot of meal prep, but now it’s just a part of my life. Now back to the muscle ups. I genuinely thought I would never be able to do them. Then before the OC summer games 2018 I decided I wanted to get a muscle up before competition. Here I was…eating better..looking better…feeling better. Now what? A lot of weighted pull-ups…like A LOT! No secrets….no special tools…no secret workouts. Just a pull-up bar and weights hooked to my waist.
3. Currently as some people at OC know, back in April I had to get a large cyst removed from my ovary. As a result I had to take about 2 months+ to recover and could not lift anything over 20-lbs. So, now I’m focusing on my confidence in lifting again and gaining my strength back. Most numbers are 90% of my max numbers so I really don’t have too much to complain about.
4. My favorite OC memory will always be Elena and I lifting back at the old location in the box factory, next to what is now called Avid Cider. We were squatting and I told Elena I wasn’t going to lift as heavy as her. Well…Elena wasn’t going to hear a word I said and simply put who knows how much weight on the bar and told me I could lift it, that I was strong, and I better get it done. This was hands down one of the most defining moments I have had doing CrossFit. Sometimes you just need to be told to suck it up and lift.
5. Honestly. Looking better is one of the reasons (sure we are all a little vain). But ultimately the things that I can do outside the gym and the people I have met, are what keep me coming back day in and day out. We don’t work out without fancy saunas, or air conditioning, or juice bars. To be honest with OC you get adversity. I have found if you’re not seeking adversity, then you’re not growing mentally or physically. We train hard with other people looking for the same thing….some sort of growth (hopefully muscle growth). We all know it’s hard but we won’t grow if we don’t do it or even try to do it. The community of people looking for a hard workout kind of pulls you in like a magnet. It’s hard to explain. CrossFit is hard but we love it. It’s hot inside the gym but we come anyways. I have no idea what is wrong with all of us. But seriously, because of this style of training everything outside the gym becomes easier, from my personal life to my outdoor activities. To put it clearly, nothing will be as bad as 30 minutes of intervals on the assault bike….NOTHING!
Joelle and the cyst formerly knows as “Beatrice Hairy-Longbottom first of her name”
Thank you Joelle for sharing your story!
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