Laura’s Fitness Journey – OC Bend, Oregon

Laura’s Fitness Journey, your Story Matters, Laura!
It is our hope that Laura’s fitness journey testimony will motivate & encourage you to start your own journey to become healthier, happier and stronger.

Why did you join OG?

I joined OC after having my second child. I was on (modified) bed rest for 8 months of my pregnancy and it had really left me with a body I wasn’t proud of. There had lingering hip issues from years of running and had always wondered about CrossFit. As I approach 40 years old, it has become very important for me to get back in shape and I was feeling like I was ready to commit to something new. I stopped by OC during one of my runs and met Sean and Brant. They seemed like they were having a good time and I wanted to be a part of that.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on upper body strength while recovering from an injury. I really enjoy doing my rehab at the gym. Everyone at the gym is very encouraging and helpful.

What’s your favorite OC memory?

My favorite OC memory is when I got my first kipping pull-up. I was doing some personal training with Brant at the time. Ben was training someone near me and Elena was coaching a class, but they both knew what I was trying to do. After I got the pull-up I jumped off the bar I saw Elena and Ben running over to congratulate me, so all 3 coaches were super stoked. It was a really neat moment I won’t forget. They were all genuinely happy to see my growth.

What motivates you to continue training at OG?

Lots of things motivate me to continue at OC. I have made a couple very good friends at OC that I look forward to seeing. I feel the coaches are invested in my progress and that motivates me to continue. Coming to OC has become part of my morning routine, so the habit I have made keeps me coming. I can see my progress and the progress of others around me, so that is motivating as well.

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