Lose Fat by Strength Training

Lose Fat by strength training in Bend, Oregon. Strength training is the single most effective training method to lose FAT.

Strength training is the best way to lose fat!

Strength training, lifting weights, picking things up and setting them down.  Whatever you call it, lifting weights is going to be more effective than any other method of exercise to help you lose fat and keep it off.  Sustainable strength training 3-4x a week is more effective than “cardio”, conditioning, or HITT. 


Sweating more, being in a colored zone, doing thousands of repetitions isn’t going to help you lose fat.  

What will help you lose fat? 

When it comes to exercise, the best way to lose fat is to lift weights or strength training. Additionally, nutrition is always going to be the foundational key to not adding unnecessary or unwanted body fat.  

Why is strength training so effective?  

The strength you build, helps you stay healthy and uninjured. If you are consistent (& don’t ever have an extended break) with strength training you will achieve great results. You’ll be amazed at your results within a year of consistency.

Strength training has proven to be effective in helping your metabolism. Lifting weights helps you burn fat longer than doing “cardio”.  

Finally, strength training rewards consistency. Strength training 4x a week will build both your upper body strength and lower body strength.  

What to expect at OC

In our adult classes we split our training sessions up to allow a person two upper body sessions a week and two lower body sessions per week. This leads to sustainable results that don’t leave you wrecked.  

If you couple the strength training sessions with aerobic conditioning one day a week, and at least one anaerobic conditioning session a week you are well on your way to sustainable fitness that helps you burn fat. 

Cardio, Conditioning, and HITT workouts aren’t going to burn fat as effectively as strength training.  Experience the difference at OG.  Book a Free Introduction Today!

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