Losing Weight

Losing weight – how should we approach successful weight loss?

OC is a gym.  About half of the people that come and attend our introductory session state that they want to lose weight.  That is their stated goal.  They want to lose weight and keep it off long term.  


These “prospective clients” are always surprised when we recommend starting with nutrition first, coupled with exercise.  The truth is “burning off” or “sweating off” or any similar term and thought process isn’t going to be successful long term.  

What can help everyone with long term weight loss is discussing nutrition, FIRST!  If we had to choose between nutrition and exercise we would be leading clients astray to say exercise first.

The Truth—

The truth is the gym is great for getting stronger.  Getting into better shape.  The gym is probably the absolute best for mental health.  

The gym isn’t great for long term results regarding weight loss unless the foundation, nutrition, is addressed at the same time or first.  

The American diet is terrible.  I recently read a study that said 74% of Americans are obese or overweight.  If this is even close to true than the truth is most people don’t eat “well”.  Or most people coming into the gym looking to lose weight – really don’t know how to eat.  

The harsher truth—

We meet with all prospective clients first, and 3 out of 4 when discussing nutrition state that they “know how to eat”. They state, “I am solid on nutrition but don’t exercise enough”.  When we start probing, asking questions, we find out that most of these people don’t eat enough protein or produce.  They consume a metric ton of fake and processed food and drink.  

The fix—

The fix is to understand if you are overweight, or obese or looking to lose weight, start by getting nutrition coaching first.  Understand that the way you have been eating for the past 10 to 20 years might not be healthy.  In fact, if the statistics are to be believed, almost everyone doesn’t know how to eat and be healthy. 

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