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Nutrition & Supplementation (Fish Oil)
By: Patrick Wells
Using a car as an example makes sense in this situation. Cars require a certain number of implements to run and high performing cars require higher level of gasoline. Well, your body functions in the same manner and if you fuel your body correctly, it will run as expected (by nature, not necessarily how you might have become accustomed to). Using that “high performing car” as an example of what we are striving for makes sense. This high performing car requires Premium fuel, regular maintenance and every once in a while, a tune-up and some new tires. Without the proper inputs, the car will break down.
The human body also benefits from having the proper inputs. Many will hear this concept simplified into “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, meaning that the wrong inputs will lead to the wrong outputs. Getting away from the car and back to the human body, without proper inputs, your body will suffer and no longer run optimally (this could be weight gain, this could be recurring sickness, it could be sub-optimal performance). While there are A LOT of proper inputs, this piece is only going to focus on 1: Fish Oil. So, I hear you on the questions, what is fish oil? Why do I need to take Fish oil? Or this thought: “It sounds fishy, I don’t like fish!” and to that, I will say, I totally agree with you! Nonetheless, let’s see what benefits Fish Oil does offer.

What is it? Fish oil is pretty straightforward, it’s derived from the tissues of oily fish and contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, (among others, but we are trying to keep it simple!).
How does it help? Fish Oil has been acknowledged for helping with quite a few bodily functions, such as brain function, vision, inflammation management, heart health and many other benefits. While I’m not a doctor, I can speak to the benefits I have FELT from taking Fish Oil on a daily basis. Having had reconstructive surgery on both of my knees, I can feel the difference and general lack of “achy tightness” in my knees from taking Fish Oil on a daily basis. Also, I will openly admit that I don’t like FISH, which is another reason I support the taking of Fish Oil for my body as it’s something I’m missing from my day to day diet. Finally, does Fish Oil taste fishy? Well, yes, it can, but we actually carry two varieties at OC that don’t come with a fishy taste, no fishy burps and are easy to add into your daily routine.
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