Six ways to Burn Fat Faster

by Sean Wells

A big misconception for those looking to burn fat is that they need to do a “crazy workout” or “sweat a lot” to lose fat.  That thought process couldn’t be further from the truth.  Here are 6 ways to increase your fat burning and help you shed the unwanted weight. 

The simplest and probably the hardest is to EAT REAL FOOD. 

What is real food?  Real foods are things that rot or go “bad”.  Things that are on the perimeter of the grocery store.  Meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds – very little things that have any add preservatives.  These are simple because they are readily available at a grocery store.   Why is this step so hard?  Everything that comes to mind when thinking of “fast” or “convenient” probably doesn’t fall in this REAL FOOD category.  

To increase your fat burn – cut out the SUGAR. 

Sugar in large amounts is bad for you.  Sugar that you drink is the worst.  Don’t drink sugar and you have effectively reduced your sugar intake significantly.  Things that have sugar or fake sugar in them that should be cut out or reduced: soda, diet soda, coffee that isn’t black, tea with added sugar, Kool-aid, most lemonade, sports drinks, etc etc.  If you stick to water you will cut a ton of sugar out of your diet. 

Alcohol consumption is a big problem if you are looking to cut fat. 

The problem with alcohol is that not only is it not great for your body, it also tends to lead to other bad choices when it comes to food intake.  Also your body breaks down alcohol into sugar which if you read the previous paragraph we are trying to cut sugar.  Finally, alcohol tends to impact your sleep.

Sleep more – Sleep better 

Sleep will absolutely help you cut the unwanted fat from your waistline.  If you want the best sleep, get off the computer/phone/electronics at minimum an hour before bed, sleep in a cool dark room.  Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  Wake up and go to bed at a similar time nightly to make this easier.  

Spend some time outside in the Sun – or use a Sauna

A lot of research has proven that vitamin D will help you burn fat. Also, exposure to sunlight helps you sleep better and puts you in a better circadian rhythm.  If you can’t be outside, use a sauna as the increase in body temperature and the relaxing nature of a sauna will help you sleep better, and also stimulate your body to lose fat. 

The final way to shred fat – LIFT WEIGHTS 

Lifting weights won’t make you bulky.  Training won’t make you slow or non-athletic.  Lifting weights will help you lose fat and keep fat off.  Training with weights and doing it safely requires coaching and progressions.  Find a program/coach that will help you succeed at lifting and watch the fat fall off.  

Things that are not included on this list because they DO NOT WORK

Endless amounts of cardio or hitting high intensity workouts every single day, these workouts introduce a lot of stress into your body.  The added stress increases fat storage -the opposite of what is intended.  Taking a pre workout drink or using some kind of “cleanse” drink.  These are dead end roads unless you are doing the other 6 things consistently.  Not eating and eating no protein will not help you lose fat.  All of these things are commonly thought to help you lose fat but THEY DO NOT WORK.  Period!

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