Creatine – Questions and Answers

Creatine is probably one of, if not the most studied supplements in the United States. There seems to be tons of misinformation concerning the supplement. This Question and Answer will help those wanting to understand how Creatine can help you. 

What is Creatine?

Creatine is naturally produced in the human body. Also, it can be supplemented(added).

Common Misconceptions?

Creatine is not a steroid and it is not a performance enhancing drug.

What foods are high in Creatine?

Some common foods with the most Creatine are Beef, Pork, Salmon, & Tuna.

If I am a plant based athlete should I supplement?

Yes, if you are vegetarian or vegan or any other plant based diet person, the recommendation is to supplement just enough to get your levels up to those who are obtaining creatine via their food intake. 

Is Creatine a banned substance?

No, not a banned substance. When I was researching all of the following sports governing bodies do not ban supplementation: NCAA, NFL, International Olympic Committee, CrossFit Games.  

What are negative side effects?

The negative side effects I personally have experienced are zero. However, some people report gaining a little bit of weight(1-4 pounds). The slight weight gain seems to be from those completing a “loading phases” with Creatine. If you are in a sport that requires you to compete at a certain weight class, supplementing in season might not be for you. The second biggest negative side effect is some people complain of an upset stomach when supplementing on an empty stomach. To avoid the upset stomach, I would recommend supplementing with a meal. 

What are the positive effects of Creatine?

A positive effect is as a rapid but short form of energy. This type of energy specifically helps athletes in explosive sports. The substance will also help with muscle acquisition. Which in turn will help your performance and aesthetics.

Where can I purchase?

Hopefully, this short question and answer helped clear up some misinformation concerning this popular supplement. If you have specific questions related to supplementation or nutrition please feel free to email me 

Editor’s note: This is not medical advice. Consult a medical professional if you have questions or concerns starting a nutrition or training program.

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