Health and the United States Population – where is it going?

By Sean Wells

The kettlebell is a great tool to build your health and increase your strength!

I recently got the questions posed to me concerning the health of the United States population. Specifically, what concerns me the most.

This is crazy to think about:

In the simplest terms most Americans are overweight. Due to Americans weight, lack of exercise, poor nutrition habits and not enough sleep, Americans will give themselves a disease that is 100% preventable. That disease being Type 2 diabetes.

Americans are drinking too many calories, eating food that isn’t nutrient dense. These eating habits are compounding as Americans exercise less.


Quite simply means your insulin levels in your blood are elevated. Maybe not quite to the levels required to be considered diabetic. But this means you are on the path towards Type 2 diabetes. Not good to say the very least and PREVENTABLE. 100% preventable. And reversible!

Quick easy and actionable steps

Walk more. Walk 10 minutes after every meal. Simply walking after every meal has been linked to lower insulin spikes after meals and a whole host of other benefits. If you eat three meals a day that means you have no walked 30 minutes each day. Stan Efferding wrote a great book that discusses amongst many things, walks after each meal. Get the Vertical Diet.

Make better food choices

Food choices can be intimidating. Eating out makes it even more difficult. Being hungry encourages poor decisions. These poor decisions are choosing either foods that are from “fast food” restaurants or foods that are prepackaged.

What can you do to make better food choices?

One of the simplest things a person can do to fix their food choices is to cook more. When preparing your own food you will save money. Also you will know 100% what is in your food. Make a plan for the week, shop at the local grocery store and start prepping more meals for yourself. The results will follow.

Exercise More

Exercising more will help every aspect of your life. You will help yourself prevent disease. Exercise will help you get to sleep faster. Exercising for those who aren’t getting at least 30 minutes 7 days a week is going to make a huge difference.

Free Way to exercise

Walk more. Park farther away from work and walk 10 minutes. This will give you a 10 minute walk at the end of the day. These walks can be used as a way to eliminate stress or organize your thoughts. The fresh air, and sunshine is a great benefit as well.

Lift weights

Lifting weights will help your bone density. Will help you burn fat, and can be a great tool when time is short. Another great benefit is building muscle and improving your body composition.

My go to tool for lifting weights is a kettlebell. I am a big fan as it takes up significantly less space than a barbell and weights. The kb is super versatile, and can be used effectively for both upper body and lower body workouts. If you don’t know where to start check out this book: Kettlebell RX. I have been lucky enough to attend several seminars with Jeff Martone(the author) and the book delivers the goods on getting proficient with a kettlebell.

Sleep more

I read somewhere that humans are the only mammal that will delay sleep. Getting proper sleep will make everything else in your life easier. Sleep allows your body time to heal. Helps you have energy throughout the day.

Action items to improve sleep:

Set up a schedule and build a routine in regards to your sleep. Take out all of the lights in your room, including your TV. Sleep in a cool dark room.

In conclusion, Americans are overweight. The increase in weight leads to significantly more cases of Type 2 diabetes. Even though Type 2 diabetes is preventable and treatable, Amercians are making poor choicses day to day.

Eat less processed food. Exercises at least 30 minutes a day with 3 to 4 workouts a week utilizing weights. Sleep more. Build the discipline to be a healthier and happier! Your health should be a priority. Focus on your health each day and see how your life changes.

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