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We will get to discussing the In Body scan. First, want to discuss a common situation at our gym and gyms like ours everywhere:

To better explain, let’s use a hypothetical client, Jane. Jane joins the gym and works out consistently for the first 30 days.

Overall she feels better. Jane’s sleeping has improved, her clothes fit better. Jane is receiving compliments about how she looks, and Jane is just happier all around.

Around day 40, Jane decides to step on the scale to check her weight and “progress”.

Prior to starting her workouts, Jane weighed 140 pounds.

She hops on the scale and despite her satisfaction with training to date, she looks down and much her to surprise and disappointment, she weighs 144 pounds. Jane gasps as she can’t believe what the scale says. She strips down, thinking it must be her clothes. Jane steps back onto the scale and it says 143 pounds, better than 144, but still a sense of sadness comes over her.

Jane feels defeated; all that work and she’s gained 3 pounds?

Jane is more worried, perhaps even consumed, by the number on the scale. The scale instantly overshadows the positives feelings that had been feeling from her 40 days of training.

This hypothetical story represents a common occurrence we see with both Men and Women. People get hung up with the number on the scale and what that number “represents” to them. Instead of remembering the positives associated with feeling better. People have more energy, sleep better, have clothes fit better, and getting compliments about how “good” they look. But still they let the scale dominate their thoughts.

Moving beyond Jane and her concerns with the scale. Let’s look at a way to better measure progress and changes brought from consistent training.

OG,invested in the InBody scan machine. We have reliable & consistent way to track and measure your progress. The InBody allows us to provide accurate & recurring measurements. The scan provides of our weight, body mass index (BMI), lean body mass, and for nutrition purposes, our Basal Metabolic Rate. Also the InBody gives us a segmental lean analysis of left/right arm, trunk, and left/right leg. The lean analysis is a great tool to quantify any strength discrepancies side to side. so we can resolve any possible imbalances, since we know that if you have a 3-5% difference side to side your more likely to get injured.

So, back to Jane, how does this machine and measurements change things for her?

Jane would start with an InBody assessment. Should would then be able to properly compare results from the day she started to 40 days later. The scans would reveal that Jane has gained lean muscle mass and her body fat percentage has actually decreased. Despite a slight increase in body weight, she is leaner and overall, healthier than she was 40 days ago.

The InBody scan machine will track up to seven months of results in its memory. It also prints your results on a sheet for those who want to track their progress. Your results are tied to a ID number that is personal to you and is fully confidential. InBody gives us the true data. Providing accurate body composition results and generating a historical record to refer back to when people forget where they started.

How does the InBody Scan work?

First, you avoid exercise, food & drink for 2-3 hours prior to your scan. Typically, scheduling a scan first thing in the morning when you’re fasted is a good time for most clients. You’ll come in take your shoes and socks off, wipe off hands and feet to increase conductivity. Approximately 30 seconds later you will have a printed data sheet with your results. InBody does not require you to strip down to get measured, pinched and prodded with caliper readings, that can be unreliable and intrusive.

What comes with the scan?

A print out of your results and 10-15 minutes to discuss your results with a coach.

What should I do with the results?

This depends on what the results are. No matter the results, they provide you with true data that you need to accurately track your progress. Knowing where you are truly are today is the only way to start tracking and improving your numbers. Measuring your progress is important. Progress will allow you to set goals and make adjustments.

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