You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

By: Sarah Rogue

Over the years Jeff has struggled with his weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, & high ALT. Earlier in 2018, he had some blood work done revealing that it was time to take his health seriously. He was showing glucose levels & biomarkers exceeding healthy levels.

In May, Jeff decided to schedule a FREE Intro. He had heard good things from a friend and wanted to give it a try. During Jeff’s first personal training session, we went through a benchmark physical assessment – 500m Row, 40 Air Squats, 30 Sit-ups & 20 Push-ups. At the end of this session, he knew this was exactly what he needed. Jeff needed to make his health a priority.

We set a goal for Jeff to attend OC’s group training classes 3x a week

In August, we scheduled a baseline InBody Composition Analysis to learn how his body was changing beyond the scale. This allows us and Jeff a chance to measure his results. One month later, we scheduled a follow-up InBody appointment. Jeff showed up a little defeated for the second scan because his weight loss had plateaued. However, this InBody Composition Analysis revealed to us what the scale could not… he LOST 2.7% body FAT and GAINED 4-lbs of MUSCLE in 1 month! Jeff left feeling accomplished and even more motivated to be consistent with his training. Without using the Inbody to measure his results we wouldn’t have seen this change that had taken place.

Jeff returned to his physician to have follow-up bloodwork done. Much to his surprise, his blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides & LDL all reduced. The most significant change – and a major breakthrough – was that his elevated ALT level dropped. Jeff’s level went from a very concerning & unhealthy level to a healthy normal range. Wow!

In 4 months (May-August), Jeff lost over 28-lbs!!! He’s been able to increase his training & started attending 4-5 classes a week.

Measuring results with InBody brings a sense of accomplishment and drives us to be motivated inside & outside of the gym.

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