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OC is looking for interns both for our CrossFit program as well as our Sports performance program.  OC has been operating since May 2009.  We are a gym located in Bend, Oregon. 

OC is looking to add to its team.  The person(s) we are looking for has an outgoing personality, enjoys helping people and seeing people succeed.  Below is a breakdown of what we look for & a little about OC.  

Background & Experience 

A prospect Intern doesn’t necessarily have to have a background & experience in training.  We have seen many individuals with diverse backgrounds become successful interns and then successful coaches. 

Education is helpful but not 100% necessary. Related fields such as nursing, physical therapy, kinesiology, and exercise science.  

However, we have had a lot of success with coaches that just enjoy learning and working with the public.  Some of those backgrounds are related to public speaking or similar fields.  

Outlier education backgrounds don’t disqualify you from becoming an intern here.  We have had interns that majored in social sciences(think history, political science, geography).  And others that pursued trade based skills rather than “higher” education. 


More important than your coaching or education background is your interpersonal characteristics.  Are you honest? Hard working? A task completion type of person? 

We have seen the characteristics of those above mentioned have great success coaching and personal training.  

Would you describe yourself as outgoing, friendly, easily approachable?  These characteristics help you help those who you are training.  

OC’s Vision

We love helping people of all ages, and backgrounds get healthy. And then stay healthy.  We provide help with fitness, nutrition and guidance on the marathon that is lifelong fitness.  

At OC we believe if you train at the facility and move away or no longer train us but continue to train and prioritize your health and fitness – we have been successful! 

OC Core Values 

We value a beginner’s mindset – be open to new ideas and always be working to improve yourself and your trade. 

At OC we want to lead by example to our members – we take care of our own health, we prioritize our own nutrition, and we utilize mentors to ensure we stay on the correct path.   Be responsible for your mentality and what you are projecting to those around you.  

Hard work is expected and average isn’t good enough.  


OC has classes at 5:30am until 5:45pm(start time).  We have personal training during and around those times.  

The gym is open 6 days a week Monday – Saturday.  


The initial internship period is unpaid. However, there is the possibility of earning a coach position here for those that complete the OC Interns program.

How to apply? 

Send an email to Please include your resume, and three references.  Subject line: OC Interns.

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