OC Kids Program Returns! – OC Bend, Oregon

We have some exciting news!!! OC is ready to resume our OC Kids Specialty Program!
By starting our kids on the right path, we are creating safe movement patterns at a young age and setting children up for success.
Along with your child building up their physical body we see positive changes in their character, confidence, leadership, and integrity. These positive changes translate to better classroom performance, focus & behavior.
Email for pricing & to register your kiddos for these fantastic opportunities!
Tweens 9-12 Year Olds :: 6-Week Course ::
Littles 5-6 Year Olds :: 6-Week Course ::
JULY OC KIDS SUMMER CAMP 1 :: Tweens 9-12 Year Olds ::
AUGUST OC KIDS SUMMER CAMP 2 :: Tweens 9-12 Year Olds ::
Throughout each of these courses, our OC Kids Coach will pair fitness with fun, which is essential in promoting a lifetime of fitness!Please register for these courses soon to secure your child’s spot!
Thanks for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit/Personal Training facility.
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