The CrossFit Open 19.4 Recap – OC Bend, Oregon

Week 4 of the 2019 CrossFit Open

19.4 gave  us 10 power snatches at 95/65 pounds and 12 burpees over bar and then, if you finished that portion of the workout, a mandatory 3 minute rest in the middle of the workout, before proceeding into 3 rounds of 10 bar muscle ups and 12 burpees over the bar. This is one of those rare CrossFit workouts with a built in rest period –

Almost a Trap:

You go super hard in the first portion without realizing what is going to happen in the final portion of the workout.

The workout saw a lot of firsts for those of OC –

The first snatch at the prescribed load – first bar muscle ups happened, first bar muscle ups since having a baby, all of the first or first since “insert reason here”. These firsts are important benchmarks in your fitness journey and a celebration of your hard work and dedication to yourself.

Several people asked about how they were able to get their first bar muscle up without having “practiced” very much or not practicing lately –

The answer is you were able to get your first bar muscle up or first chest to bar(modified version) or first pull up because you have increased your strength level. If we are practicing kipping(yes lots – 1-2x a week, especially on Wednesdays) if we are practicing our hollow and arched positions(yes) then when we put these together with an increased level of strength, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!

The updated scores can be found here: 

Points were given out as follows:

One point for participating in the workout. 1 point for wearing some 1980’s gear. 1 point judging someone or helping as the clean up crew at the end.

The scoring is tight and every point will count!

If you haven’t participated in the past 4 weeks but you want to come in and participate you are more than welcome! Get on a team and sway the points one way or another.

The theme for 19.5 is supporting your gym –

Wear your favorite OC t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat etc. Some of you have been around since the start of the gym. There were some real gems for T-shirts back in the day. Others maybe this is the time to get an OC T-shirt!

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