23 hours a day

There are 24 hours every day. 23 of those hours are usually outside of the gym. The remaining hours outside of the gym are more important to your long term health, your physique, and your gains then the hour you spend in the gym. 

How can the hours outside of the gym be more important than the hour inside OC?

Quite simply – there are more hours outside of OC than inside of OC. 

If you train 4-5 hours a week there are 163 hours outside of the gym.  These hours outside of the gym are the hours you eat, drink, sleep, and most importantly, recover. 

I have written about how it is impossible to out train a bad diet

I know that Bend has a lot of great food carts, awesome restaurants(that are back open now), and what seems like hundreds of coffee shops – all offering you great baked goods.  All of these options however can derail your progress. Food fuels your body and eating outside of the house leads to bigger portions and unhealthier food choices in my own experience.  

When you talk about drinking – hopefully, the first thought that comes to mind is water.

But we do live in Bend Oregon – and there tons of craft breweries here, lots of options for ciders, and great bars that serve up mixed drinks. These options aren’t bad in moderation – but if you are trying to lose weight, change your physique, improve your health and fitness, drinking almost anything besides water isn’t helping you.  

Now the big one – SLEEP

No matter how hard you bust your butt inside of OC, you won’t see the progress you should if you are sleeping 4-6 hours a night.  OC has published several articles concerning sleep and recovery – HERE and HERE.  The human body repairs itself when sleeping.  If you aren’t sleeping 7-8 hour a night as an adult, you aren’t going to see the progress you deserve to see. 

The hour inside of OC a day will help you get stronger, will help you:

We will help you improve your physique, and will make your life easier by decreasing your risk of injury while recreating in Central Oregon.  However, that one hour a day (5 hours a week) won’t take care of the other 23 hours a day.  Help yourself see progress and get results. Take care of yourself during the 23 hours outside of OC! 

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