Will doing ab exercises get me abs?

How to get abs? The most asked question probably ever.

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Question – Will doing abdominal exercises help me get visible 6-pack magazine worthy abs?
Answer – No, unfortunately not. Everyone has abs – they are there – for some they get covered up by fat and or skin, but they are still there. And they still work – they just aren’t visible.

If you want to see you abs –

– you simply can’t out train a bad diet.

Step one Nutrition. Step two – if you want shredded abdominals – the quickest way to get them is to lift weights that are heavy for YOU. Do not compare yourself to others when it comes to this but lifting weights and heavy/challenging weights will dramatically build your abs faster than doing endless sit ups.

In the OC Sports Performance program – I tell the kids all of the time do standing abs primarily – you want to work on your abdominals – then do them standing – this lowers the risk of back injury – keeps you from tightening up your already tight and weak hip flexors and psoas complex and instead by standing, you can work your abs in a way that will help you in everyday life.
Also if you are going to train your abs – and not listen to my suggestion of doing them standing – train your back, specifically your lower back even more. One of the best tools – the Reverse Hyper – we have three of them at OC – you should be using them.

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