Carolyn’s Fitness Journey

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How long have you been a member of the OCF community?

I joined OCF in February of 2019. Hard to believe it has been one year! I can still feel those first month jitters when I think about it.

What has your lifelong relationship been with health, i.e. strength, conditioning, nutrition?

I have always been conscious of “healthy” living. I was always active (not a competitive athlete). Mostly, I did long distance running for the social aspect of it and have always enjoyed weight lifting as well as “functional” fitness. While always been mindful about what I eat and switched to a plant based way of eating a couple of years ago. I have also been one of those people that doesn’t mind being part of a gym community.

What led you to seek a program such as CrossFit as specifically OG?

In June of 2019 I was turning 60. I was working out regularly (my own program that I would cobble together) at Juniper Fitness Center. I was hiking, doing some cycling and generally living the Bend lifestyle. However, I simply didn’t feel strong and had the desire to try something that would really push me and get me out of my comfort zone.

In addition, I wanted to enter the last 1/3 of my life with strength, mobility, flexibility and doing everything possible to ward off chronic diseases that unhealthy lifestyles attract. I also want to be able to get up off the floor easily, catch myself if I begin to fall, be active with my 10 and 11 year old boys and perform the ranch chores I have with ease.

I had tried CrossFit 10 years ago while living in center city Philadelphia.

It was one of the worst athletic experiences of my life. There was no training, no education, I was simply thrown into some crazy WOD and basically stumbled back home an hour later. I was incredibly sore. I went back a few more times thinking something would improve, but it was the same and I thought “I am going to seriously injure myself and this is NO fun”. So I stopped.

While looking for a program to push me out of my comfort zone, I didn’t want a boutique personal training gym – been there, done that. I have a good friend that has been doing CF for several years. My friend was doing some pretty cool (and crazy hard) things. This made me thinking about giving CF another shot. I reviewed the various CF gyms in Bend. After seeing the various websites, I ended up picking OC. I went through the website, looked at the bios of the coaches and simply liked OCF the best. In my appointment with Sarah and thought “what have I done”. But, I knew I was at the right place.

I first engaged with Brant for the initial personal training. Then joined the GP class and also worked for 6 months with Christian doing personal training. To continue to learn good form and technique. I also LOVE that no coach in the gym will allow me to have poor form or technique. Someone is always in my grill!

In the last year, what have you accomplished, relative to your original joining goals?

Last year I simply wanted to get into the program, learn the lifts, get a feel for the GP classes, understand what I was capable of and begin to build strength. I wanted my strength and conditioning to be the focus. It has been super fun and personally rewarding. I am stronger than I ever have been. While still learning lifts and moves correctly, but continue to improve weekly. I am able to unload 100 lb. bales of hay. Jump off the bed of a truck. Move rocks and all kinds of things! All without compromising my back and joints!

I also recently told my husband:

That that at 60, this is the only athletic activity I have ever done where I wasn’t the slowest, wasn’t last and wasn’t struggling just to keep up. I feel I am pretty good at some of this stuff. Why is this? I believe it is because anyone can do CF as well as strength and conditioning work, and the programs are scaled to the individual.

What are your desired outcomes relative to your strength and conditioning going forward?

This next year I want to be able to perform my deadlifts above 200 lbs., do push-ups from the floor, bench press over 100 lbs. and relative to my physical self, I would like to get my body fat down by 4-6%. Nothing ridiculous, but simply get it below 30% and to a place that I can maintain easily. Right now it is all about figuring out how much to eat (more than I am used to) and the right combinations of nutrients.

Thank you for sharing.

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