Dopamine and the never ending chase of dopamine.
By Sean Wells

Dopamine is the “happy” chemical. Dopamine is triggered by feelings of success, but primarily when combined with novelty or “newness”. Doing the same run every morning or completing the same route over and over is going to cause less and less of a dopamine release. This explains why workout videos are not very likely to get repeated. There aren’t many surprises left after the video series is completed the first time.

Dopamine is the chemical that gets released when “comfort scrolling” on Instagram. It is the same chemical that gets released when you are playing games on your phone (Star Wars, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush). We previously mentioned that it is released when working out (See “You’ve lost that Loving Feeling” ). These games are addicting because you get something at the end of every level, or after every mission. You get a hit of dopamine that is telling your brain you are being successful.

There are other ways to get dopamine that are positive and also help those who need it. Everyone needs Dopamine but maybe in differing degrees or levels. The ways that we want you to get dopamine at OC are by writing your name on the Personal Record board after every PR, every time! This isn’t bragging, this is building a habit of success (I will write about this soon and positive mindset). If you don’t want to use your full name rather than not writing anything, use your initials, or use your nickname on the board(all age appropriate names please), but TRACK and CELEBRATE YOUR RECORDS!

We want to celebrate your success with you!

At OC we want to send you a PR card at the end of the month and recognize your success(haven’t been getting these? Write your name up on the board(first and last) and update your address; email us

What is the leading cause of disability in the world?

The World Health Organization says that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Think about that, and re-read it – The leading cause of disability worldwide is depression. More than accidents at work, or any of the other things that first pop into your mind when you hear causes of disability.

How Do we Battle Depression?

How do we battle depression? By getting dopamine. How do get good dopamine? By working out, and celebrating our little victories while working out. This cycle can be repeated over and over again by attending classes, setting goals, crushing the goals and then setting new goals and you can repeat this for years. What doesn’t work is by getting the dopamine and not having the goals. Getting dopamine hits by seeing “rewards” for working hard in class are great until you aren’t measuring them to your previous self.

Chase the dopamine people, but do it with your mind and body not just your thumbs on a phone and not by doing mindless workouts that don’t help you reach your goals. Most people want to feel good, look good, and be capable.

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