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What to expect the first time you go to a coaching gym in Bend Oregon.

By Sean Wells

Coach Michael coaching members.

I recently read this article  After reading the article it is easier for me to believe that Americans aren’t going to the gym.  They don’t know what to do when they get to the gym.  Sitting on a piece of cardio equipment watching others work out doesn’t sound exciting to me! Nor is a way to see results.

At OC in Bend, Oregon we have literally solved a majority of the issues identified in this article. 

Instead of coming into the gym and not knowing what to do, we book a Consult with you first.  We want to know your goals, what are you hoping to accomplish, what’s the timeframe that we are working with. OC is a coaching gym. We coach you rather than sell you access and abandon you. You will know how to sign up, what to wear, and feel comfortable getting started.

After the Free Consultation

We start with Personal Training.  OC starts everyone off with personal training from 4 to 12 sessions FIRST! Why? Most common question asked. Quite simply,  we don’t want you to have the experience detailed in the article above.  Sitting around or not feeling comfortable training is not a path towards success.  How long are you going to keep training if you don’t have a plan, or a coach to hold you accountable?  At OC we utilize these first personal training sessions to ensure you have success. These first sessions are the building blocks of your foundation of training.

As I have noted above, we will walk you through the process. 

Coach you every step of the way.  This process is more hands-on then the article above mentioned.  If you value this type of coaching then you will fit in great at OC! If you read the before mentioned article and thought you already know what to do – then Great! Get started.

At the same time this coaching process is more expensive than just joining a gym and “winging it”.  If you want or need or even value coaching, having checkin’s with a coach, learning and developing your body you will fit in great here!

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