Don’t let distractions in the fitness industry keep you from getting the results you want! Distractions sometimes have good intent but can knock you off the course of being a healthier and happier person. 

By Sean Wells

Nutrition and sleep are fundamentals.

After nutrition and sleep, next in line comes strength training. Third is strength training in level of importance. Fourth, is aerobic training. After these four things have a solid foundation you may start adding or trying to optimize each level.  

If you aren’t sleeping 7-8 hours a night you don’t need to work on adding biohacking tools to help you lose weight. If you aren’t knocking down 90-128 ounces of water a day, you don’t need to add an additional training session a day. The extra session isn’t going to help you lose fat. If your protein intake is not at the minimum standard you don’t need additional supplements, besides maybe some protein.  

The proverb or idiom that I think of is “Don’t put the cart before the horse”.  

Meaning you need to get really really good at the basics before you can focus on the fringe distractions. Or learn how to hitch the horse in front of the cart to ensure the cart moves forward.

Distractions in fitness are everywhere.  

We meet with our members every quarter to ensure we can keep members from chasing the distractions. The bright shiny objects appear in their instagram feeds, and they say “take this supplement and lose fat fast!”  As fitness professionals we know these are distractions, this is a TRAP! The non fitness professionals will read the ad, click the link and purchase something that in turn was just a big distraction and ultimately a setback. The purchase actually moved the customer further away from health and fitness by robbing them of time, money, and confidence. 

The gym, facility, etc that doesn’t meet with you before you start doesn’t care about your goals.  The gym that runs ads about how much you are going to sweat – isn’t going to get you in shape.  Finally, the gym that doesn’t take a moment to get to know you – and ask you about what you want can’t & will not be able to help you reach your goals.  

Don’t be distracted! 

I recently published an article outlining the Basics and how to focus on those things first. For a lot of people they won’t be able to stay on the path of health and happiness without guidance.  Let OC help you by providing guidance.  

At OC we will help filter the distractions for you. The coaching staff can read the articles, read the research on the supplements and test out the ideas in regards to getting you optimal fitness results. We know that long term fitness isn’t going to be doing thousands of reps day in and day out. Long term fitness isn’t going to be maxing out your heart rate everyday. That stuff doesn’t work long term. 

Distractions in regards to your fitness, only prolong the journey to a happier and healthier you!  Don’t fall victim to the distractions. Long term success in fitness is being consistent and having guidance on the journey.

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