Exercise is Important

 Making time to workout is not selfish. 

There I said it.  As an adult you should never feel bad about taking care of yourself.

Taking care of oneself to ensure that you are healthy both in mind and body isn’t selfish.  This means:

Exercise is helping you to become a better person.  

The best analogy is when you are sitting on an airplane and the stewardess does the preflight briefing concerning the oxygen mask – what does the stewardess say “ Should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.”

Did everyone read that correctly?

Save yourself before saving others. 

Put YOUR mask over your mouth first. 

In the terms of adults this means exercising yourself is going to help your spouse or significant other. This behavior isn’t being selfish, this behavior is simply allowing yourself to be healthy and fit.  

How would exercising benefit your spouse/significant other/your person? 

I know that when I train I am more relaxed, I feel better about myself and what I have accomplished.  I feel like I have worked on getting closer to my goals not further away from them.

 Exercising yourself is going to be important for the lives of your kids and hopefully grandkids.

But you won’t get to live that long if you are sick, ill, not in good health.  The compounding effect in regards to exercises is that if you exercise TODAY, you are more likely to exercise tomorrow and that progress will continue to build.  

We hear all of the time that spending four hours a week(4x 1 hour classes) is being selfish.  Parents feel bad about leaving their children during this time.  My response is always the same – you aren’t being selfish you are ensuring your health and wellness is secured.  As a parent this time spent working on your mental and physical health is allowing you to firm up the foundation that your family is built upon.  You have to be healthy and fit first before you can expect your children to follow.  

Put your oxygen mask on first – Then help others with theirs!  Get training first, take care of yourself first and then help those around you. 

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