Hybrid Membership

WHY would I need a Hybrid Membership?

We’ve all been at a place in our lives where we need some ACCOUNTABILITY! Coming in and working with a coach one on one increases that accountability. Hybrid membership allows you to personal train with a coach and continue to take the group classes.

OC’s Hybrid Membership options

Hybrid Membership were built for people who enjoy group training but need additional help. These people desire to accelerate their progress & have someone to hold them accountable.
This hybrid membership appeals to people with bigger goals. Those people who may be feeling like they’ve hit a plateau or may be frustrated with their progress. Sometimes you need specific skill work. Or maybe more work on accessories to help you reach your goals.

Everyone benefits from one-on-one coaching:

Having the personal training session already scheduled monthly keeps you highly accountable. One of the best ways to schedule the session is to schedule for the first Wednesday of the month. This allows you to plan for it. The benefits of having one on one personal training time can’t be overstated. Things that would have taken weeks to learn in a general population class can be addressed in an hour long session easily.

Another great benefit of one on one coaching is addressing technique issues. These small tweaks can make big differences for you as an individual. On the box squat feet placement is a huge deal, having a coach address this issue one on one can optimize it for you. As a result, of the personal training session your squat technique improves.

I use one on one sessions for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu quite regularly. I spend time drilling or refining a movement. This time spent accelerates my progress dramatically. As a result, of the one one one time. The same plan can be utilized for Strength and Conditioning. High skill movements like double unders, muscle ups, Handstand push ups, these can be refined quickly one on one.

Our group class + personal training options give members options. The option to combine a group training membership (CrossFit) and choose from 3 levels of one-on-one personal training each month.

Motivated : Membership + 1x Session per Month
Committed : Membership + 2x Sessions per Month
Dedicated : Membership + 4x Sessions per Month

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