Personal Training in Bend, Oregon

Personal Training in Bend, Oregon

Why Personal Training?

At OC we have successfully had a personal training program in Bend, Oregon going for 10+ years (OC opened in May, 2009). Everyone, no matter their background & experience, starts at OC with one-on-one sessions. This has helped clients feel more comfortable & confident working out, and achieve results quicker. A large population of individuals now realize that personal training can help them accelerate their progress. 

Overall, accountability, tailored workouts, and flexibility of schedule help keep those who are valuing their physical fitness on a path towards success!

Accountability Increases

In scheduled one-on-one sessions, accountability is much higher than signing up for a group class. The increased accountability carries over from the hour-long training session to the other 23 hours at home. OC staff sees those prioritizing the personal training sessions also making better choices. Specifically, in the hours they aren’t here at OC.

Tailored Workouts to YOUR goals

There is nothing wrong with group training. In fact, group training helps a lot of people reach their goals. However, if your goals are specific, or time is of the essence, personal training can be a very effective way to get what YOU want out of your training. The fact of the matter is group training is set up to help the majority. Sometimes specific goals need specific attention and that is where one-on-one sessions really make a huge difference. 

Flexibility of schedule

Similar to increasing accountability, flexibility of appointment times, has some really positive effects on adherence to the program. Specifically, scheduling training times ahead of time helps keep everyone on task. Personal training times scheduled ahead of time to ensure these sessions work with anyones busy schedule.

Also putting off training sessions doesn’t happen. There is not later one on one time like there might be with group training.

Using home equipment and training one on one

At home training options have continued to expand. Concurrently, the number of supplemental training sessions has increased as well. Anything that keeps you active at home is good. When paired with a strength training program, popular at home equipment like a peloton or spin bike are really making big differences. The one-on-one sessions should be programmed to work concurrently with the other training going on. Complementary to each other. People mention how they don’t have someone that helps them combine everything together in a seamless fashion. The OC Coaching Staff are professionals who have the knowledge & experience to combine everything seamlessly. 

OC values the diversity of options for physical training here in Central Oregon, and in Bend, Oregon. We know that adding strength training is beneficial. For anyone that has not been strength training it’s going to make a huge difference. Certainly, the addition of strength training will help with fat loss, energy levels and confidence. 

Thank you for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier Personal Training gym.

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