Max Effort Method

Max Effort Method. What is max effort method and why do use max effort method on Monday’s and Friday’s?

max effort method
Question: “Why do we max out on Monday and Friday’s?”

The idea behind maxing regularly, known as the max effort method is the greatest approach to strength training in order to improve absolute strength. Absolute strength is the thing that keeps you “strong”. And strong is a relative term. What I mean is that for the world’s strongest man, his idea of strength is deadlifting a car at over 1,000 pounds for three reps, while to an everyday person, deadlifting 500 lbs in this gym means you are pretty strong(males).

Another example:

Another example is if you deadlift 600 pounds – and you stay healthy but quit training deadlifts – it is going to take a significant amount of time to “lose” your strength to a level where you can’t deadlift at least 300-400 pounds. So as you get stronger, you are going to keep strength (your new baseline) longer unless there is a significant negative happening in your life (car accident, broken bone, etc.)

Max Effort Correctly

Training correctly, we are constantly doing new, or different variations. Introducing new bars and stimulus. Challenging everyone to a slightly different movement to find a new max or heavy lift for that day and that particular variation. You strain – get a new record and move on to accessories.
Max effort improves inter-muscular coordination, which is the maximum number of motor units activated. This inter muscular coordination is also going to improve your movement patterns.

Max effort method also increases your testosterone and growth hormone(don’t worry ladies it is still good for you – you won’t end up overly muscular or masculine unless you are injecting these substances in an unnatural manner)

When we max out, we also improve other variations. One max effort helps another. The effect starts compounding over a period of time. Simply put – getting stronger in one lift will help your strength in another lift.

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