New Years Resolution

The Daunting New Year’s Resolution. Build a new years resolution that provides you results this year.
By Sean Wells

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

How many times do you think you will be asked this question in the upcoming weeks? In regards to nutrition and fitness we all have goals we want to achieve. For some reason we wait until the start of a new year to begin. Either hit the gym, try a new fad diet, or whatever it may be. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. Most of us , will have a New Year’s Resolution. Some of us may even start our resolution. But the vast majority of us will either not start or will quit within two weeks. Don’t let this be you!

New Year’s Resolution fails

The reason that New Year’s Resolutions seem to always fail is because their importance is lacking. The resolution is too vague and too large. Your resolution starts with “I will” then “I want” then “I’ll try”.

Your goals are important.

You need to do some prioritizing prior to taking on a momentous life altering goal, like most New Year’s Resolutions. Therefore, start your New Year’s resolution with something such as “I want to lose 20 pounds this year”. Give yourself smaller specific goals that all lead to the same end goal.

“I will go to the gym three times a week”.

The goal of 3x a week in the gym is a manageable goal. Alongside that give yourself another smaller manageable goal. “I will remove wheat products from my daily diet”, with those two smaller goals, they come together to help manage your larger goal of losing 20 lbs.

All of nothing

People are an all or nothing type. This is my best analogy. Mount Everest isn’t scaled in a day. Climbers will spend days climbing up to basecamp. They will spend days acclimating to the air at base camp. Then they will finally start the ascent to summit Mt. Everest. Don’t try to climb the mountain in one day. The same can be said for your New Years resolution. Don’t start January 1st at a breakneck speed.

Set Small Goals – Check ins

Setting smaller goals over time that all coincide with your larger overall goal. Not only more manageable this process keeps you focused longer. And these small goals keep you healthier. When it comes to things such as nutrition and diets, making small gradual changes towards weight loss or weight gain is a must. If we are to maintain our results and the outcomes we are working towards.

How to build a new years resolution.

When it comes down to your New Year’s Resolution this year, instead of setting one massive goal that you seem to always start, but never finish. First set that larger goal, then from there set three smaller goals. These small goals help you to you accomplish the larger goal at hand. And in turn see success with your New Years resolution.


Take part in my first triathlon
Timeline = 6 months

Small goals leading to my overall goal:

I will ride my bike 2x a week. Running will happen 1-2x a week. I will swim 1x a week. Not matter what I will train 4x a week.

By setting these smaller goals, we can watch progress happen. Monthly, weekly or even daily leading up to our big goal. This helps keep us focused, and on track to crush whatever goal we set for ourselves this coming year.

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