Not Competitive

I’m not competitive
By Coach Sarah

News flash! Yes, you are. We all are. As humans to a degree we are all competitive in some nature. Some more than others 🙂

Some things to highlight that you might be competitive with or not realize you’re competitive with include: Your job, the clothes you wear, the school you went to, the degree or certifications you’ve obtained, your kids grades or their athletic achievements, your Fran time (definitely not mine but maybe yours)… Ahem, what about your social media status?

Should I go on?

As humans we are inherently competitive. Day in and day out we are given the opportunity at OC to tap into that competitive energy in an effort to improve ourselves.
You say “Oh but I’m not competitive, I’m just here to move. I don’t really care about my score.” Oh really?… I bet that if I do burpees next to you in a workout that you’ll go faster. It’s just the way it goes…

I think that’s what is so magical about CrossFit and why it’s so effective!

So, the key is not comparing ourselves. The saying goes “comparison is the thief of joy”. A little friendly competitiveness in the gym can be healthy, can motivate you to go a little faster, push a little harder and inspire you to set bigger goals. This results in bigger accomplishments inside and outside of these gym walls!

You can be competitive with yourself by setting goals!

The way you compete with yourself when you are not competitive is by setting a goal with a time frame and working to achieve that goal. Lets say you want to get double unders with the jump rope. Rather than saying I want double unders, you say I want 10 double unders in a row three months from today’s date. This goal gives you a specific number of repetitions and a timeframe.

Now do it!

Goals that have specifics and dates are more likely to be achieved. That lack of competitive spirt gets kindled by not wanting to fail – you compete with yourself and you make it happen. The making it happen part could be by setting weekly goals of amount of time to practice. It could be investing in your goal by working with a coach in a 30 minute PT session once every other week.

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