Reverse Hypers

Reverse Hypers will help you build a strong and healthy posterior chain. Want to be strong and healthy? Who doesn’t?

The reverse hyper, a mythical machine amongst most CrossFit boxes. Generally, most gyms don’t have one. (just so happens that we have three right here in Bend, OR at OG).

Medieval Torture Device?

It looks like some type of medieval torture device. However, the reverse hyper isn’t a torture device and it won’t hurt you if done correctly.

Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper

Develop that Posterior!

The reverse hyper will help you build for aesthetics, functionality and to stay healthy. It isn’t uncommon for those who start using the reverse hyper regularly to see their deadlifts improve dramatically. For those who work demanding low back jobs, the reverse hyper can work as a restoration type tool. And finally for health, the low back is the most common injury we see for people starting training here at OG. The reverse hyper can help build strength in the low back.

Different ways to use the Reverse Hyper


We recommend using heavier weights(20-30% of your 1RM deadlift) and completing 3 to 4 sets. The strengthening portion of using heavier reverse hypers also helps build strength endurance in your low back. Building strength in the low back will help you improve your deadlift, squat, sprinting and jumping.


The low back is neglected in a lot of training programs. Americans are seated a lot. You are probably reading this blog sitting. Just increasing blood flow to the low back seems to relieve a lot of issues people have with their backs. We recommend for functionality completing 2 to 3 sets of 25 to 35 repetitions. This is easy to fit in anyones schedule before or after classes.

Health – Pre-hab and Rehab

Finally, for those who have had small back issues. Or just don’t feel like your low back is “activated” before lifting the reverse hyper can be used. We recommend completing 1-2 sets of up to 50 repetitions. Your low back doesn’t have a lot of muscle back there. It is primarily ligament and tendon – doing ultra high reps will really pump blood in to that specific area.

Your low back is no different than any other part of your body when it comes to training. Learning how to train it will help keep you healthy and happy.

At this point, you have an idea of why you would want to use the reverse hyper. Don’t worry about using them specifically on lower body days or upper body days at the gym. Generally work done on the hyper can done any day of the week. Just get the work in.

If you have any questions, be sure to talk to a coach.

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