Roller Coaster

We are looking forward to an awesome NEW YEAR ahead and want to help each of you THRIVE inside & outside of the gym! Make 2022 the year you don’t ride the restriction roller coaster.

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Many goals in the new year are solely based on losing weight… primarily in the form of restrictions to certain foods & beverages. The issue with restriction is that it’s not sustainable long-term. Short-term restriction usually results in some weight loss (yay!) followed by weight gain (boo!) as soon as the restrictions are lifted or you quit. This is the restriction roller coaster.

Don’t hop on the restriction roller coaster!

OC’s healthy habits based coaching suggests focusing on ADDING rather than RESTRICTING. We strongly believe that if you set simple attainable goals, start to practice adding daily healthy habits & have someone to keep you accountable – you will be able to obtain the healthy life you so desire.

Experts say to set no more than 5 goals. Include “what” you will do to achieve the goal, “how” you will measure the goal & your “why”. For example Coach Sarah’s goals look something like this:

  • Sleep – 7+ hours a night:
    • What to do: Be in bed by 8:45pm & wake up by 4:45am.
    • How to measure: Track with my sleep app. I’m waking up refreshed & recovered.
    • Why: Sleeping less than 6 hours it’s detrimental to my health. I want to be healthy, wake up refreshed & be able to give 100% to my day.
  • Exercise – Attend CrossFit 4x a week:
    • What to do: Schedule my week of classes in MindBody. Block my calendar(s) so I don’t get booked during that time.
    • How to measure: I’m feeling accomplished, stronger & healthier.
    • Why: I need to take care of myself so I can help others & it makes me feel happy!
  • Move – Increase my Daily NEAT “Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis”:
    • What to do: Take the dog for a 30 min walk or go for a 10 min walk after meals.
    • How to measure: I have more energy & mood is improved… the puppy is happy.
    • Why: It helps me decompress & it’s Ruby’s (my dog) most favorite thing!
  • Manage – Stress:
    • What to do: 15-20 mins of stretching, yoga &/or reading.
    • How to measure: I’m feeling recovered & mindset has improved.
    • Why: It feels good to have a clear mind so I can be focused & productive.
  • Eat – Healthy & ​Hydrate:
    • What to do: Write a weekly menu of healthy meals. Include a protein & vegetable at every meal. Drink at least 1/2 my bodyweight in ounces + 20oz for exercise.
    • How to Measure: I’m feeling more organized, less stressed, less hangry.
    • Why: When I eat well & hydrate I feel better, have more energy & sleep better.

​By focusing on lifestyle goals and building these healthy habits throughout your year… all the different areas of your life will most certainly improve. Your mood, stress & energy level, your performance in the gym during workouts, the quality of your relationships, your productivity personally & professionally. Over time your health, wellbeing AND physique (body fat/muscle mass) will improve too. Instead of focusing just on physique we’ve improved ALL the areas of your life.

Now that we’ve set your goals you need to stay accountable to them! Statistically to be the MOST successful you’ll need to share your goals & have someone(a coach) to help you stay accountable. You’ll need someone to celebrate your “wins” with… and when the going gets tough you’ll have someone to remind you of our “why”.

This gym & your coaches will help you change your life, if you let us. LET’S DO THIS!

Book your FREE Member Check-In + FREE InBody* to track your progress. *Note: Free InBody included during the month of January.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Don’t waste time on the roller coaster this year. Make 2022 different – healthier, happier!

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