Personal Training Testimonial – Sherman M.

*image courtesy of Sherman M.

Sherman M. Personal training client at OC

I found OC years ago when I was vacationing in Bend.

As I road a bike by the crossfit gym, or box as they call it, I had to stop and check it out as it did not look like a typical gym I had experienced before.  I asked to see the owner of the gym. I was introduced to Sean Wells, owner of OG.

Sean took a few minutes to explain to me what his crossfit gym was all about…

As I was leaving, Sean gave me his card. I told him crossfit seemed interesting and that if I ever moved to Bend, I would look him up and try a workout at his place.

Fast forward two years later

I was turning 50 years old and I had moved to Bend.  I decided to call Sean up and scheduled personal training.  From day one, I was completely intrigued with this type of workout. The idea of getting all aspects of my body in shape was new to me. I had been a runner for years and had not done very much strength training in a long time.  Between raising four kids and my career, I always found excuses for not getting into the gym.

It has been 8 years since I first stepped foot into OC for my first workout.  I never looked back

I have been doing personal training at OC since then. Sean Wells and his staff at OC laid the foundation for me to build my strength without injury and has inspired me to keep at it even when I am distracted with my life.  Actually, Crossfit has changed my life in such a positive way and I have Sean Wells to thank for that.

If you want to get in shape and have an outstanding experience

I would highly recommend you give Sean and his staff a call at OG, to start Personal Training. Thanks Sean, you changed my life!

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