Unnecessary expenses

What is unnecessary to your life? What are unnecessary expenses in your life?

The economy is shaky to say the least.  The last time this happened was when OC was just opened 13 years ago in 2009.  Lots of people thought that starting a gym, working in a gym, was not the best decision.  But then, as I do now, I believe that health, nutrition, sleep, and stress management are all necessary expenses.  

Why is health important? 

As a coach it always blows my mind when people don’t realize that your personal health is absolutely the most important expense a person can have.  

I think about this statement that all of us who have ever flown have heard: 

“In case of a cabin pressure emergency, put on your own mask first before assisting others.” 

A simple concept that makes sense. You can’t help others for very long if you don’t take care of yourself first.  Your personal health is the most important thing.  Your personal health includes working out, specifically lifting weights, cooking your own food, sleeping, and managing your stress.

Unnecessary expenses:

Here are just a few of the many unnecessary things that we pay for that don’t help us take care of ourselves. 


Cable is probably number one.  Having cable is going to cause you to be less active than if you didn’t have it.  Now with all of the different options even if you want to watch the new season of (insert favorite show here) you can get online and find it easily and fast. 

If you didn’t have cable – what would you do in the evening to unwind?  Would those new habits also help your stress management and your sleep?  I would wager so.  Less blue light means you will sleep better and even better you will go to bed sooner!  

Eating out/Coffees:

As Americans eat out more and more – the average weight of Americans has also increased.  During the past two years this number exploded.  Americans weren’t eating out as much but ordering take out more.  

The fact remains that eating out &/or ordering takeout is not going to help you manage your weight and is also very expensive compared to preparing food at home.  The average American will spend $20 a person eating out per meal. 

Coffees, the average American spends over $3 for a drink a day.  If you are doing that daily you will spend $65 or more dollars a month just on drinking coffee.  You are tipping as well aren’t you? Then add even more.  

If you love eating out, or getting a coffee – view it as a treat, once a week instead of daily.

New Gadget/technology

The new Iphone costs over $1000 for the top of the line model.  Does that new Iphone improve your health, your sleep, your nutrition? I don’t think so.  No matter how innovative Apple gets with sleep tracking apps and personal health apps on the phone – the fact remains the Iphone isn’t improving your personal health.  

Not to pick on Apple here but the new IMac desktop is going to set you back over $1200 and over $1700 for the top of the line model.  Does this somehow improve your health?  I would argue no it doesn’t improve your life.  

Looking to cut costs 

When looking to cut unnecessary expenses in your life, the best bet is to start looking at recurring luxury items.  Not the foundation of your life or your personal health.  Physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and stress management are keys to you having a long and healthy life.  Don’t cut yourself short by not prioritizing your own health first.  Put your mask on first before helping those around you.  

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