Vacation Workouts

During the winter & summer months we get a lot of requests for “Vacation Workouts”.

For at home & travel workouts there are plenty of body weight, no equipment necessary, movements you can do… However, these are my four favorite items that I suggest you have to warm-up & maintain those gainz! These items don’t take up much space, which means if you pack like me, you’ll have more room for shoes. Ha!

Equipment that I recommend

  1. Sling Shot Hip Circle
  2. Monster Bands – Orange, Red, Blue Bands
  3. Speed Jump Rope
  4. Fancy Yoga Towel

Here are 5 workouts you can do in 15 minutes or less

Work out #1:

Warm-Up (lower body) with 4 Rounds of:

Then… EMOM “Every Minute on the Minute” for 10 minutes: 

  • 20 Lunges(10 each leg) or 10 Air Squats (scale down reps to complete work in less than :40 seconds)

Work out #2

Warm-Up (upper body) with 3 Rounds of:


Tabata Three Ways (12 minutes total):

Workout # 3

Warm-Up (upper body/lower body) with 2 Rounds of:

  • 20x Hip Circle Glute Bridges
  • 25x Red or Blue Band Good Mornings
  • 20x Orange or Red Band Pull Aparts
  • 25x Bend Over Banded Rows (place red or blue band under feet & pull – Shoulder blades together – elbows in & back)

After the warm up

 21-15-9 For Time of:

Workout #4

“Annie”: 50-40-30-20-10 of:

WOD #5

Pick a warm-up from above…


You can also make this workout “not for time” or a “EMOM” such as 10 rounds of 10 burpees or every min on the min for 20 mins do 5 burpees… maybe set an alarm and do 15 burpees every hour. Mix it up!

Vacations workouts don’t need to be long and drawn out. In fact, I have found that these workouts make me feel good, don’t take up too much time and give me plenty of time to enjoy my vacation.

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