Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude
By Sean Wells

The practice of gratitude can be done many different ways. Some people want to journal, others want to tell their friends, others tell their family. The way we practice gratitude at OC and appreciate the good things in our lives is by posting them in the OC members only Facebook group.

This is called “Bright Spots Friday”

Bright Spots Friday is our practice of a weekly effort to find something positive, about whatever you feel, to share with our community. 90% of this relates to training, but sometimes you want to share something more personal which is okay.

These can be little wins in regards to your training, which are important. Things that you might otherwise miss if you weren’t thinking about them, searching out things you would otherwise skip over. But each Friday if you stop and think about something you did that week and write it down and share it – you start seeing that the training is successfully getting you closer to your goal(s). Without pausing to reflect and celebrate the Bright Spots, you can sometimes fail to see all the progress.

Each week you are getting a little healthier, even on bad weeks, you are moving 1% closer to your goal. There are several books that deal with building success and practicing gratitude. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and Atomic Habits by James Clear.

This weekly event takes about 5 minutes on Friday, and the practice of thankfulness doesn’t happen unless you practice it. This is an opportunity to practice thankfulness.

Most people tend to be pretty hard on themselves.

If you had a bad week but you got one PR it isn’t a bad week. If you had a really bad week but you trained 4x that week, that could be a Bright Spot. Though it may be hard to see, I am sure that you could recognize a 1% gain in something training related, maybe you got better at your technique or maybe you cleaned up some efficiency or maybe you just did the work. Worst case, you were gone, but reflect upon your plan to get back into the routine of better attendance the following week.

Motivation means desire.

We find motivation by completing Goal setting sessions and then we can reevaluate each quarter, these mini check-ins on FB members group are great ways to “build” the success weekly.

We’re all family here at OC.

It’s a safe place. Look within, and close each week with a bright reflection!

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