Sick – feeling ill?


We are at that time of the year where it seems like the “sickness” is going to start going around. This blog is intended to give you some guidelines about training while you are “sick”.

First, we want you at OC and we want you to train regularly, unless you are sick. If you are sick you need to stay home. Listen, we aren’t ones to tell you NOT to come to the gym, as we know you want to maintain your progress and work on the GAINZ, but by coming in, you are risking spreading that sickness to others and often limiting your own recovery. The gym is a shared space and some in our community are more susceptible to sickness. Your unwavering dedication may be putting them at risk, so we ask that you instead focus on recovering and returning to the gym when you feel well.

To provide more context and details, here are times when you should plan to stay home:

Why is this important? Training is stress inducing and by training while sick or under the weather, the increase in stress can make your sickness worse and or make it harder for your body to recover. Also, your presence at the gym can spread your germs to others.

If you subscribe to the “sweat it out” philosophy, that is fine, you just need to sweat it out in a place that isn’t harming others. The recommendation is to wear warm clothes and go for a long walk or jump rope lightly, and see how you feel afterwards. This allows your body to process the basic exercise provide some feedback to you in a way that isn’t harmful, or too intense.

Everyone at OC is collectively working to reach their respective goal; to be healthy, motivated, and happy! Please continue helping us achieve these goals by not coming in while sick!

No matter if you are personal training client at OG, GP member or Sports Performance member, ensuring your safety, the safety of the staff and the safety of everyone else at OC is most important.

Thank you for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit/Personal Training/Sports Performance facility. We pride ourselves in having a clean, safe, and fun atmosphere.

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